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Nba free agency 2016 :Top free agents

Nba Top free agents 2016

 ​As July 1st rapidly approaches teams are getting ready to make the proper moves for their organization. We will give you a brief breakdown of the Top free agents and where they might land.

1. Kevin Durant: By far Durant is the Top free agent .Rumors  are circulation that the former Mvp may be interested in changing his location to play next year. He will meet with the Knicks, Heat,Celtics, Golden State, San Antoinio and L.A. Clippers. We here at NBS think he will sign back with O.K.C. another year/ second year player option deal.

2.Al Harford: Harford is a unrestricted free agent and rumor circulating that  he is interested in O.K.C and L.A., no word yet if he had consider staying with Atlanta. 

3.Dwight Howard: A lot of people think Howard is not worth the type of money he is seeking. He reportedly opted out his last year of his contract with Houston where he was set to make 23.9 million This year. No speculation of where he might end up, but don't be suprised if you see Howard paying in the Big Apple next season playing along side Carmelo Anthony and newly acquired former Mvp Derrick Rose.

4. Dirk Nowinsky: Dirk a one time Nba champion is also a free agent. Dirk is in his last couple years of his playing career. The 37 year old all star will meet with a couple teams , but more and likely he will return to the Mavericks since he has been there almost 20years.

5. Mike Conley : Mike Conley is like the Top point guard free agent on the market. Mike will meet with the Spurs and Dallas to discuss his future plans. Don't count Memphis out yet. Mike and Marc Gasol love playing together so Mike might think long and hard before he makes this decision.

Other notagble free agents : Nichalas Batum, Jeremy Lin, Jokeem Noah, Marvin Williams, Chandler Parson


Where will Kevin Durant land?

Kevin Durant

     Kevin Durant by far is the best free agent on the market for this 2016 NBA off season. Sources say he will meet with 3 teams today. The Clippers, Heat, and Celtics. Durant has not made any indication of where he mite end up. But league Sources say Golden State and San Antonio are two destinations where Kevin may end up. July 1st is the first official day of free agents. This should be fun to see the outcome but where ever he lands, us at Nothing But Sports wish him the best.